VUJE, a.s.

Commissioning and operation nuclear power plants

VUJE carries out nuclear power plant commissioning and provides scientific background for reliable and safe operation of nuclear power plants. It participates on safety upgrading of nuclear units and prepares basic materials for the Nuclear Regulatory Authority for the execution of inspection activities.

Commissioning of nuclear power plants

In the field of nuclear power plant commissioning, VUJE deals with the preparation, implementation, and evaluation of tests in both active and non-active commissioning phases. In the phase of commissioning preparation, VUJE drafts procedures and develops working programs for commissioning, prepares calculational basic materials for particular tests, and specifies acceptance criteria for commissioning tests. It also proposes and installs measurement systems for detecting and recording the signals required and develops software for the management and evaluation of the commissioning tests. In the phase of commissioning test implementation, VUJE cooperates in the implementation of tests during the active commissioning (physical and power commissioning) phases. Following the implementation of the commissioning tests, VUJE develops both preliminary and final evaluations of these tests. In the course of nuclear power plant commissioning, VUJE is also in charge of the scientific management of commissioning which provides an independent support for the operator. VUJE also carries out restarts of nuclear units following refueling and following general maintenance.

Operation of nuclear power plants

VUJE develops and updates operating and safety documentation, cooperates in the development of emergency operating procedures, in the optimization of operating modes with regards to neutronics, thermal-technique and thermal-hydraulic. VUJE analyzes stationary and dynamic electric phenomena and failures in electric equipment, applies control software in safety control systems, and develops special measurements for instrumentation and control systems.

Measurement of electric parameters

VUJE prepares, performs and evaluates measurements of electric parameters. For the evaluation of measured parameters, the CALDEQ product is used that makes it possible to perform electric diagnostics and functional monitoring of electric systems, automatic identification of output data format in A/D transmitters, display of current values and time histories of measured parameters regardless the length of record duration, identification of extreme values of both measured and calculated parameters, and determination of relative phase displacement of current and voltage.

Reliability of electric system operation

Reliability of the operation of electric systems is the objective of assurance of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Due to the incorporation of new advanced control and safety systems into equipment operation, electromagnetic compatibility has become one of the most important properties of electric equipment, beside safety. In line with European legislation.

VUJE carries out tests of equipment resistance against EMC, measurement of interference parameters in the working environment, analyzes the effects of magnetic fields on electric systems, and based on the knowledge of the parameters of interference environment and the actual equipment resistance, it designs and implements modifications according to the particular situation.