VUJE, a.s.

Conventional power generation and renewable energy sources

VUJE designs the utilization of renewables and their application in regional, res. town agglomerations, in various plants and firms, where these sources have ecological and economical foundation. It prepares and implements projects for improving the quality and protection of air by addressing power systems, transport, and local, res. regional infrastructure in a synergy way. It carries out analyses of environmental and economic parameters of power business in the whole chain starting with energy production up to consumption, evaluation, design and implementation of projects for utilization of waste for power purposes, determination of effectiveness and efficiency of power installations, and optimization of power installation operation.

The topic of VUJE activities in this field is also the application research, design, production, and assembly of parts, res. of whole products and equipment for power complexes in relation to the target area of the utilization of the generated thermal and electric energy (production technology, delivery of heat for households and social objects: hospitals, schools etc.).

VUJE designs, evaluates, supplies, assembles, reconstructs and operates power sources with cogeneration of heat and electricity in the field of conventional power industry and renewable energy sources including combined production of electricity and heat (cogeneration units). It supports these activities by energy audits, technical, economical and environmental reviews of construction, reconstruction, and modernization of power installations.

In the field of operation of power sources, distributed on various sites, VUJE develops and uses progressive means for local and central control in line with new legislation in the field of business in power industry. By introducing modern control systems for the operation of power installations, VUJE provides rationalization and effectiveness improvement in power generation. VUJE supplies instrumentation and control equipment also abroad. For example, it designed and installed a control system for ash removal equipment in coal-burning power plants in China (Huaneng – Beijing, Yang, Liu Quing).