VUJE, a.s.

Electric grid construction and operation

The expected accession of the Slovak Republic into EU increases demands on the quality and level of the reliable supply of electricity to customers.

VUJE in cooperation with the operators provides independent analyses of reliable supply of electricity into the Slovak electric grid. A part of these activities is mainly the collection and processing of data related to failures and interruptions of electricity supply with the aim to provide technical support for the operators.

Power companies now concentrate on reduction of operating costs and failure rate of their equipment by optimizing maintenance. VUJE designs and implements comprehensive methods for monitoring failure rates and optimizing maintenance at all installations and lines in the Slovak electric grid.

With regards to the current conditions of main lines in the Slovak superior grid that is at the end of its technical and moral life time after 40 years of operation, VUJE provides and coordinates the construction of new lines with very high and high voltage levels together with the design of protections.

For the control of power sources and operation of the Slovak transmission grid, VUJE designs and implements the collection, recording, and evaluation of data from fast transients.