VUJE, a.s.

Information technology

VUJE applies modern trends in informatics in all areas of its activities.

Integrated information systems

VUJE designs, addresses and implements comprehensive integrated information systems focused on the control of power plants in the field of operational control and monitoring, equipment maintenance, safety monitoring and evaluation, personal dosimetry, dosimetry of internal areas and plant surrounding, monitoring and evaluation of plant chemistry modes, planning and evaluation of in-service inspections, control and monitoring of plant decommissioning and radwaste management. These applications are developed based on the CASE technology at ORACLE platform.

Process information systems

VUJE designs, implements and upgrades technology information systems and emergency response centers for power plants. It participates in the innovation and reconstruction of such systems with the emphasis on nuclear power units and process systems. A part of the solution is the system and functional analysis of production processes, design of hardware and software, installation and commissioning of comprehensive systems. For this such procedures are used that comply with the methodology of quality control and assurance of software designs, such as project configuration control, testing, verification and validation of software designs.

Management information systems

In the field of management information systems, VUJE uses methods of artificial intelligence (neuron networks, heuristic expert systems, fuzzy sets, genetic algorithms, modeling of cognitive abilities, and decision-making based on cognitive engineering) with the objective to apply these methods in the process of improving man-machine interaction during activities of operators and in their permanent training.

Information systems for monitoring and evaluation of environmental conditions around industrial plants VUJE deals with the collection and long-term evaluation of the impact of industrial plants on the environment with the emphasis on power industry. Within these projects, mostly statistical methods and graphical presentations are used.

Virtual reality and 3D animations

VUJE uses virtual reality and 3D animations mainly for developing proposals of designs for use in reconstruction and modernization of power facilities, for designing and implementing simulators, for training of operators in power installations, res. for simulating process procedures in the course of nuclear power plant decommissioning.

Support for project management

VUJE has experience in using modules for project management within the SAP R/3 system. It offers its services for the preparation of implementation and the implementation itself of this module for use in project management of all phases of the project lifetime.