VUJE, a.s.

Personnel training

VUJE Training Center performs both theoretical preparation and training of personnel on simulators. The basis of the training is the educational system for the areas of nuclear industry, conventional power plants, electric grid, and for other users.

The Training Center develops and designs hardware and software for education and training including simulator development. It carries out examinations for granting licensees for the execution of functions in nuclear power plants and organizes specialized and international courses.

Personnel training is carried out in the following areas:

Theoretical training

VUJE organizes courses with basic training completed by final examination, and with refreshment training. It develops programs and teaching materials for all training categories. It maintains a databank of questions for the use by the State Examination Committee. It applies the method of Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) in nuclear power plant personnel training.

Simulator training

VUJE performs training of nuclear power plant operators on simulators in both basic and refreshment courses and of manipulators in electric stations. Within a PHARE project, it develops multifunctional simulators of VVER 440 in cooperation with the CORYS consortium and Belgatom-Siemens, as well as an engineering simulator for the ČEZ Training Center in Brno. The training is carried out on a simulator computer system for VVER 440/230.

International courses

VUJE organizes regional and interregional courses for the Vienna-based IAEA, Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic, US NRC and US Department of Energy. It organized courses on VVER reactor diagnostics, general approach to nuclear safety, the use of probabilistic safety assessment, emergency planning, nuclear power plant commissioning, the verification of computer codes for VVER analyses, safety aspects and licensing of nuclear power plant modifications, and on technical support for nuclear power plant operation.

Other training

VUJE organizes courses for personnel from suppliers, for the staff of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, courses on radiation protection during manipulations with sources of ionization radiation, operational training for nuclear power plant personnel, as well as courses for field operators in power distribution stations.