VUJE, a.s.

Radiation safety, protection of the environment and radwaste management

Radiation safety

VUJE develops and applies methods of personal dosimetry for nuclear power plant personnel and methods for the evaluation of radiation situation in plant areas. It develops methods and monitors leaks from primary into secondary systems via steam generators. It monitors selectively noble gases and carbon C-14 in plant discharges. It provides control and tests of the efficiency of filtration stations for the absorbtion of aerosols and iodine in plant ventilation systems. It analyzes and evaluates the efficiency of the safety assurance system for the radiation protection of personnel and the application of ALARA principles during the operation and decommissioning of nuclear installations and during manipulations with radioactive waste, and proposes measures for improvement.

Protection of the environment

VUJE develops and applies dosimetry methods for the environmental dosimetry and for the monitoring of radionuclide migration in components of the environment. It develops Environmental Impact Assessments in line with the law No. 127/1994. It develops and verifies computer models for the transport of radioactive materials in the vicinity of nuclear installations. It develops computer models for water systems affected by liquid discharges from nuclear power plant. It develops methodologies and provides software and databases for the evaluation of radiological impact of normal operation on the population around nuclear installations in both Slovak and Czech Republics. It designs and implements systems for comprehensive evaluation of environmental conditions and health conditions of the population around power facilities.

Emergency planning

VUJE develops procedures for accident assessment and recommends implementation of measures for the protection of population in the event with a release of radioactive materials or their release into the vicinity of nuclear installation. It performs development of systems for the support of decision-making in the course of radiation accidents for the needs of regulatory authorities and operators of nuclear installations. VUJE develops and implements software for the control and management crisis centers of the Slovak regulatory body UJD SR, Czech regulatory body SÚJB ČR, Czech utility ČEZ and Slovak utility SE based on the RTARC system and geographic-information system ARCINFO. It participates in code development and verification for the assessment and analyses of accident conditions in nuclear power plants, such as MELCOR, MAAP, ESCADRE, ASTEC being developed within the framework of international cooperation, and in their use in the Slovak Republic. It performs analyses of radiation accident consequences for emergency planning and safety analysis reports of nuclear installations. It prepares basis and software for the accident information system of Slovak power sector.

Decommissioning of nuclear installations

VUJE develops and applies technology procedures, technical and planning tools and drafts of legislation for nuclear installation decommissioning. It collects data on equipment at the A1 and V1 Bohunice plants for the needs of evaluating their decommissioning by means of protective mothballing. It establishes databanks for use in the decommissioning of A1 and V1 plants. It provides documentation of the actual conditions including the application of reverse engineering methods using laser scanners. It ensures conceptual proposals and technical solutions for remotely controlled manipulators and robots, 3D simulation and verification of work procedures in the environment of virtual reality using advanced CAD/CAM technologies. VUJE develops and implements supplies of equipment for the decontamination of civil construction surfaces and process equipment. As general supplier, VUJE provides the implementation of the project “A1 Bohunice decommissioning — Phase 1”.

Management of radioactive waste

VUJE develops and applies technologies for treatment, processing, conditioning and storage of radioactive waste. For the development of technologies for the treatment of radioactive waste, VUJE operates experimental bitumination and cementation facility and experimental incineration facility. It carries out non-active tests of a vitrification facility for chrompic from the storage of damaged fuel assemblies from the A1 Bohunice plant under decommissioning. It performs experimental incineration of solid radioactive waste from nuclear power plants and tests of cementation of its ashes.

It carries out tests of dowtherm bitumination with radioactive concentrates from the A1 Bohunice plant. It evaluates the operation of experimental facilities for the management of radioactive waste. It delivers systems for retrieval and transport of liquid radioactive waste from the point of its storage up to the processing center. It develops manipulators for taking samples of radioactive waste.

VUJE deals with the evaluation of operability and safety of both surface and deep underground repositories of radioactive waste by modeling the process of distribution and transport of radionuclides in the field of close and remote interactions and in biosphere. It prepares and implements programs for monitoring the surrounding of the Republic Repository of Radioactive Waste in Mochovce. It creates databases for computer codes modeling the transport of radionuclides in geosphere and hydrosphere and prepares bases for the safety assessment of radwaste repositories in Slovakia. It assures and implements investment actions from the position of a supplier for the transport of spent fuel from the A1 plant and the completion of the Republic Repository of Radioactive Waste in Mochovce.


In the field of chemistry, VUJE carries out research of corrosion and erosion phenomena in primary and secondary systems based on in-situ experimental measurements and laboratory works. In laboratory scale, it performs research and develops methods for pre-treatment, processing and conditioning of liquid and solid radioactive waste to minimize them (e.g., separation of boron compounds in waste water) or transformation into a form suitable for deposition in repositories (e.g., for such radioactive materials as sludge, ionexes, ash, chromium-sulfur acid) by means of bitumination and cementation methods. It provides services to the operators of processing facilities for radioactive waste and to plants in the following range:

  • Quality control of fixing materials (asphalt, cement),
  • Determination of physical and chemical properties of radioactive waste being processed (concentrates, dowtherm, ionexes, sludge, ash, chromium-sulfur acid),
  • Control and verification of the progress of technology process for the processing of radioactive waste (bitumination, cementation),
  • Control of properties of radioactive waste following its transformation into a suitable form (strength, leachability, point of flare-up, point of softening, penetration),
  • Determination of boric acid concentration in reactor coolant during restarts of VVER units

VUJE develops safety and technology documentation for the area of nuclear power plant chemistry and develops documentation related to the chemical aspects of technologies for radioactive waste management.