VUJE, a.s.

Company strategy

Company strategy is prepared according to the expected development in the branch. VUJE has set its targets in such a way as to fully cope with the competitive environment and satisfy the needs of its customers, expectations of the shareholders and employees.

Strategic priorities

  • maintain and strengthen the position of a significant company in the field of power engineering in the domestic and foreign market even after full opening,
  • increase the value of the company,
  • offer new products to its business partners with the objective to increase their satisfaction and loyalty,
  • respect is the foundation of our team's work,
  • develop the qualifications of our employees and efficiently impart information inside the company,
  • contribute to environmental protection and development.

Our company is benefiting from traditional knowledge of the product, environment and the customer base. Our objective is capability to offer more sophisticated solutions as per customer requirements; further, to optimise their segmentation and identify the weak points in the offer of services to the customers and thus in the final analysis benefit the company in real terms. Every previous result is only a break for us in the quest for knowledge.

The market demands quality and we know how to provide it.