VUJE, a.s.

Experience and honours

Nuclear power generation industry

Stepwise upgrading of the Jaslovské Bohunice V1 NPP 1&2

Initiation: 1/1996
Completion: 12/2000
Location: V1 NPP, Jaslovské Bohunice
Customer: Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Main VUJE activities:

  • development and vindication of the concept of reconstruction,
  • development, co-ordination and completion of designs for building permission proceedings and of detailed designs,
  • development and update of safety documentation,
  • development of test programmes for systems and equipment testing,
  • implementation and evaluation of commissioning tests of systems and equipment,
  • management of reconstruction proper,
  • development and update of operating procedures,
  • co-ordination of contractors in the field of supplies and installation, and own supplies and installation.

Upgrading of the Jaslovské Bohunice V2 NPP 3&4

Initiation: 1/2002
Completion: 12/2008
Location: V2 NPP, Jaslovské Bohunice
Customer: Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Main VUJE activities:

  • development of the concept of upgrade,
  • designs for building permission proceedings,
  • safety documentation,
  • designs for construction implementation,
  • author supervision,
  • technical support to the general contractor:
    • operating procedures
    • test programmes for systems and equipment
    • co-ordination of implementation and evaluation of tests
    • update of as-built documentation,
    • co-ordination of the installation of electrical equipment and I&C.

Completion of the National Radioactive Waste Repository in Mochovce

Initiation: 10/1996
Completion: 12/1999
Location: Mochovce
Customer: Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Main VUJE activities:

  • increasing the level of safety in RAW handling,
  • enhanced protection of the environment,
  • provision for the monitoring of static, hydrological and radio-hygienic characteristics of the Repository and its environs,
  • evaluation of safety of RAW disposal (safety analyses).

Seismic upgrading and extension of the storage capacity of the VYZ Interim Spent Fuel Storage

Initiation: 6/1996
Completion: 12/2007
Location: Jaslovské Bohunice NPP site
Customer: Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Main VUJE activities:

  • increasing the storage capacity of the ISFS using compact spent fuel containers while preserving the existing number of storage pools,
  • seismic upgrading of selected building structures and technological systems (80 MSK on free field),
  • decommissioning of the original spent fuel containers (type T 12),
  • monitoring the conditions of ISFS building structures, technological systems and fuel.

A1 NPP decommissioning

Initiation: 1/1999
Completion: 12/2007
Location: A1 NPP, Jaslovské Bohunice
Customer: Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Main VUJE activities:

  • reaching radiologically safe conditions by the A1 NPP,
  • processing of radioactive wastes produced,
  • refurbishment and innovation of technological and information systems to ensure safe work conditions for A1 NPP personnel and environmental protection,
  • preparation of conditions for the second stage of A1 NPP decommissioning.

Post-accident monitoring system for the Mochovce NPP

Initiation: 2/2002
Completion: 12/2004
Location: Mochovce NPP
Customer: Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Main VUJE activities:

  • proposal and implementation of post-accident measuring systems,
  • upgrading of selected measurements so to be able to withstand accident and seismic conditions,
  • connection of the monitoring system outlets to the Emergency Response Centres.

Conventional power generating industry

Erection of high-voltage transmission line Varín—Sučany

Initiation: 5/1999
Completion: 12/2002
Location: Varín—Sučany
Customer: Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Main VUJE activities:

  • replacement of worn-down line 1 x 400 kV Varín—Sučany,
  • installation and modification of distribution plants,
  • reconnection of lines in Sučany nodal point,
  • improvement of load balances.

Yeghesis Hydro-electric Power Plant, Armenia

Initiation: 04/2002
Completion: 09/2006
Location: Yeghesis, Armenia
Customer: Bazenc Jerevan

Main VUJE activities:

  • development of documentation for the technological part,
  • development of associated technical documentation,
  • development of operation and maintenance procedures for the supplied technological equipment,
  • development of design drawings.

Reconstruction of the energy system for Smrečina Holding a.s.

Initiation: 6/2002
Completion: 6/2004
Location: Smrečina Holding I, a.s.
Customer: Smrečina Holding I, a.s.

Main VUJE activities:

  • construction of a new boiler plant,
  • supply and installation of technological equipment:
    • boiler for wood chips combustion with a steam output of 1,6 t/h at a pressure of 2.0 MPa,
    • fuel system equipment, inclusive of communications,
    • heavy-current equipment, boiler I&C and control room.


New building of the Slovak Power Dispatching (SED) in Žilina

Initiation: 04/2003
Completion: 12/2005
Location: Žilina
Customer: Slovak Electrification and Transmission System (SEPS) a.s.

Main VUJE activities:

  • design and construction of the building. In this building, all activities are concentrated that are necessary to control the basic electrification system of the Slovak Republic; the control system has been upgraded so as to reach the level of modern control technology.