VUJE, a.s.

History of VUJE

The Nuclear Power Plant Research Institute (VUJE) was established by the Czechoslovak Federal Ministry of Fuel and Power on January 1. The Institute was situated in Jaslovské Bohunice. VUJE was created by delimitation of a research and development section from the Bohunice nuclear power plant. It was incorporated into the utility Slovak Power Enterprises. The average age of its employees was 30.

From January 1, VUJE was moved under the Federal Ministry of Fuel and Power as an independent and directly controlled organization.

VUJE Training Centre for NPP personnel in Trnava started its activities.

A full-scope WER 440/213 reactor simulator was commissioned in the Training Centre.

VUJE headquarter was shifted to Trnava.


The number of VUJE employees reached the peak level 759. 60% of the company capacity is oriented on research projects for the requirements of the operation of Czechoslovak nuclear power plants.

A new organisational structure was implemented with seven basic sections:

  • Section for nuclear safety,
  • Section for diagnosis of nuclear and energy facilities,
  • Section for economics,
  • Section for preparation of operations,
  • Section for preparation of nuclear power plant staff,
  • Section for ecology, chemistry and radiation control (but, not control of nuclear power plants),
  • Section for commerce, marketing and professional services.

Due to the substantial decline in funds for research projects, the sole criterion is capability to offer and realise activities essential to the operation of nuclear power plants.

On November 1, the Institute became the Nuclear Power Plant Research Institute Trnava Inc, a private shareholding company owned by its employees.

The year of stabilization. The organization structure was modified. The sections were transformed into divisions headed by directors.

The year of company development, activities shifted mainly to the area of comprehensive engineering services. The company convinced its customers that it was complying with and improving upon the quality standards of the former organization. VUJE wins projects whose realization represented the main part of activities for the next few years.

As a result of the increase in the scope of orders, the number of employees increased from 465 in 1996 to 568 in 1997 and to 613 in 1998. Beside the solution of operational problems, the company is starting to orient on the realisation of the biggest power engineering investment projects. The most significant project is the reconstruction of 2 blocks of Power Plant V1 at Jaslovske Bohunice.

VUJE proceeds in diversification of its activities. It establishes consortia with foreign companies and undertakes activities in non-nuclear fields. It finds its customers not only in the Slovak Republic, but also abroad, e.g. in Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, and Spain. It carries out first projects in China and establishes promising business contracts with a number of other customers.

VUJE continues its efforts to establish itself in the branch of international meters. It is actively involved in the solution of the 5th EU Framework Programme, the MAAE Project and international tenders. It is gradually increasing its share in non-nuclear power engineering projects.

Stabilisation of the company and permanent orientation on big investment projects in the Slovak power engineering industry continues. Orientation on the engineering of big projects increases, including research solutions for these projects. The company is actively involved in domestic and foreign professional forums.

VUJE creates the base for stable Slovak and foreign suppliers and wins the reputation of a quality and financially stable company.

The number of employees is between 630 and 650.