VUJE, a.s.

International co-operation

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

  • solution of research projects financed by IAEA,
  • solution of international projects supported by IAEA (provision of technical equipment),
  • obtaining support for international projects within a co-ordinated IAEA research programme,
  • running of international courses in the field of nuclear energy financed by IAEA.


  • OECD – IPSN CABRI Water Loop Project
    • experimental verification of properties of nuclear fuel with high burnup in case of accidents with changed reactivity.
  • OECD Halden Reactor Project
    • solution of selected issues related to NPP safety and operation.

EU framework programmes

  • participation in the solution of 17 projects within the EU 5th Framework Programme aimed at crisis management, radioactive waste management, safety analyses and lifetime of NPP components,
  • proposed participation in the EU 6th framework programme:
    • crisis management,
    • modern technologies for radioactive waste processing,
    • safety of VVER reactors,
    • lifetime and material problems,
    • progressive information technologies.

PHARE programmes

  • extension of a multifunctional simulator into a full-scope V2 simulator,
  • modification of a multifunctional simulator into a full-scope V1 simulator,
  • ZZ 9720 In-service inspection of primary circuit components, risk-based maintenance and NPP crisis centre organisation and equipment,
  • NS91/01 Confinement and improved ECCS evaluation PH 2. 1. 1997,
  • Reactor Core monitoring system for the Bohunice V2 NPP.


  • EdF: robotic technology for decontamination and decommissioning of the A1 NPP, calculation and programming,
  • Framatome: Mochovce 1&2 completion,
  • Corys: development and reconstruction of simulators,
  • US DOE: safety evaluation for an Armenian NPP,
  • ITU Karlsruhe: thermomechanics of fuels,
  • Babcock: control system for the ash handling facilities of the Huanheng and Yang-Liu-Qing Power Plants, China,
  • NRG Arnhem, Nederland: in-service inspections of NPP reactor units in the Netherlands and Sweden,
  • Tecnatom s.a. Madrid, Spain: supply of systems designed for repair of nuclear energy installations (TACIS),
  • Kozloduy NPP: supply of a primary temperature measuring system,
  • Rovno NPP: supply of a reactimer,
  • Paks NPP, Hungary: supply of devices designed for SG decontamination,
  • Dukovany and Temelín NPPs, Czech Republic:
    • supply of diagnostic systems, devices for automation of material tests, devices for repairs,
    • supply of an analytical non-standard measuring and evaluation system for the Dukovany NPP,
    • supply of physical commissioning panels for the Temelín NPP,
    • participation in the physical commissioning and power commissioning of the Temelín NPP 1&2.
  • Qinshan I NPP, China: supply of diagnostic systems through Westinghouse,
  • VYNCKE: supply of technological equipment for a boiler with accessories, supply of a control system for the boiler.