VUJE, a.s.


Energy and energy sources on earth constitute a basis of life. One of the primary conditions for the maintenance and development of our economies and civilisation is generally the availability of adequate electric power, which is generated safety with minimum consequences for the environment.

Nuclear power engineering is in terms of influence on the environment a sparing method for the production of electric power. In the absence of nuclear power engineering, most of the world would have to rely on production of electric power using fossil fuels, which would several fold increase the production of the, so-called, glasshouse gases. The steam-gas cycle that is proposed as an alternative is a greater burden to the environment than nuclear energy. In order for nuclear energy to be an acceptable solution for the people, the nuclear energy sources must be safe.

Our company is aware of these attributes and for the duration of its operations to date, its main target has been to secure the reliable and safe operation of nuclear, but also other energy sources. The research institute – as the predecessor to the current company – was initially created in an environment of a direct consumer of the results of research and realisation of new technical solutions. From the very beginning of its existence, it was connected with nuclear power engineering not only by the city where it was established, but mainly by the solution of concrete research and development tasks, which later required us besides formulation of scientific and technical solutions to also secure their realisation and implementation. Thanks to this, our initially scientific research orientation has been expanded also to projection and engineering operations. VUJE is currently capable of securing all the activities related to the construction and operation of a nuclear power plant, from its projection through construction and operation to its control, repair and improvement. In the case of an electric power plant at end of life that shall not be modernised, its stoppage, dismantling and liquidation. Qualified management control of radioactive waste is also in our professional and technical competence.

Even though our beginning was linked exclusively to nuclear power, all forms of electricity are now close to us regardless their sources. We realize that modern power industry has to rely on various sources and technologies. Our professional competency cover equally nuclear power, “classical” power, as well as production of electricity from renewable sources including power use of biomass, solar light, or wind.

Quality represents an integral part of assessment of each work process. Integrated system of management, built by VUJE, guarantees its aim and criterions. This internal interface should not be applied by VUJE only, but also by its suppliers. In order to assure that work packages as well as final product completes all criterions a fundamental condition of cooperation must be fulfilled, which is acceptation of complex system of management. Therefore integrated system of management defines rules for selection and new way of our cooperation with suppliers and collaboration subjects.

Our interaction with the social environment is manifold. We enter the society not only with products of our scientific, design and engineering activities, but also as an institution forming professionals for the management of large technology complexes. Our goal should be not only to prepare operators and technicians for fulfilling their demanding tasks, but also to create an adequate social climate in which they fulfil their working tasks and live their own private lives. This climate will be adequate only when the society will be able to distinguish the real benefits of nuclear power and will have awareness of its significance for sustainable maintaining and developing of our civilization standards.

Profit is a primary indication of our success. Profit confirms that we made our presence on the market, that we are competitive. We realize that each victory is only a temporary one. There is a dynamic of knowledge preventing to stop the development. Notwithstanding that we swear on nuclear energy with which we associated our lives, the other options of power supply are not indifferent for us, including renewable sources of energy.