VUJE, a.s.

Research supported

Research supported by the Slovak government

  • innovation of safety important systems of NPPs with VVER 440 reactors,
  • quality assurance programme for NPP operation,
  • programmatic safety enhancement at NPPs,
  • optimisation of the energy sector development in the Slovak Republic,
  • concept of nuclear safety to be applied when exercising supervision over nuclear installations,
  • scientific and research support to supervision activities in nuclear power generation,
  • age management and lifetime optimisation for NPPs with VVER 440 reactors,
  • resources for electricity generation and energy transformation.

Research supported by the energy sector

  • monitoring of core subcriticality at a shut-down reactor in the Mochovce NPP,
  • development and implementation of a new generation of simulator technology in the V1 and V2 NPPs,
  • development and implementation of simulator training means for power plants,
  • system for monitoring the precision and reliability characteristics of reactor temperature measurements,
  • innovation of methodologies for environment monitoring in the vicinity of SE a.s. power plants.