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18.04.2024 News

VUJE will participate in the construction of the British nuclear power plant Hinkley Point C

PPA Energo s.r.o. in cooperation with the VUJE, a. s., signed contract with Framatome, through which it will be involved in the construction of the UK's Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant. In particular, the primary task will be the installation of safety monitoring and control systems for nuclear reactors - I&C (SKR).

VUJE will participate in the construction of the British nuclear power plant Hinkley Point C

On the cover photo is second from the left Jana Petnuchova, PhD., PPA Energo, third from the left Peter Spily, Sales Director and Executive Manager of PPA Energo of the PPA CONTROLL group, second from the right Filip Krajčovič, Project Manager for VUJE, a. s.

The nearly £20 billion power plant project plans to complete two units of the next generation of nuclear reactors that will provide carbon-free electricity for around six million English homes. So by 2027 new pressurised water reactors of 3,260 MW will grow in Somerset. These will generate 7% of the UK's electricity, and Hinkley Point C is also expected to create around 25,000 full-time jobs over its lifetime.

VUJE enters the project to provide expert installation of cutting-edge technology on both UK nuclear reactors. "These are vibration diagnostics systems to monitor the main circulation pumps, loose parts leakage in the primary circuit, neutron flux measurements and equipment for measuring boric acid," says Filip Krajčovič, project manager. "We will also be plugging in a special part of the reactor - the pressure vessel head," he adds.

"These include vibration diagnostics systems for monitoring main circulation pumps, leakage of loose parts in the primary circuit, neutron flux measurements and boric acid measurement equipment"

The cooperation starts these days - with the compilation of complete project documentation. Detailed installation and safety procedures need to be established so that the actual building work can start in autumn 2024. This should continue until 2027, when both units are expected to be completed.

"Once the plant is completed, we will also supervise in its commissioning," says the project manager. "The VUJE team will rectify any malfunctions found in the installed systems and equipment," he adds. Thus, 8 of our employees will contribute to the completion of the nuclear HPC power plant of one of the European powers, and others will participate in the creation of project documentation. The entire Slovak team, together with PPA Energo of the group PPA CONTROLL, will cover about 25 people. "Our colleagues will carry out highly professional work, such as the installation of important high-tech sensors and safety system technologies, where it is not really about quantity, but above all about appropriate expertise and knowledge," emphasises Filip Krajčovič.

Head of the project of VUJE, a. s., Filip Krajčovič, left.