More than 40 years of experience in research, development and innovation.


Development of a new and innovative fourth-generation helium-cooled reactor with a fast neutron spectrum. VUJE, a. s., is a prominent member of the “V4G4 Centre of Excellence” international consortium established in order to ensure coordinated research and development in the given field, which has been selected as one of the prospective directions of nuclear-power engineering development.

Advanced fuel cycles

Research for supporting the use of new types of fuel elements applied in the currently operated VVER 440-type reactors in Slovakia in order to ensure the economic and effective use of nuclear fuel.

Objectification of electromagnetic fields

We perform research focusing on the objective specification of electromagnetic field levels needed to review the extent of exposure, to ensure protection, and to prevent potential risks of harm to citizens’ or workers’ health that might occur in connection with their exposure to electromagnetic fields. We put emphasis on continuous improvement of objectivisation procedures, especially in the area of measurements and calculations using advanced methods of mathematical modelling and specialised state-of-the-art software. For an example of a successful project implementation in this field, click:

Research in the field of power engineering

In the field of power engineering, we perform research involving analyses of the results of synchronous phasor readings and propose new data evaluation options aimed at improving safety and reliability of power engineering networks. We review the procedures suitable for the assessment of environmental pollution, design and testing of automated diagnostic systems and systems designed to improve energy efficiency. We address the options for monitoring climatic conditions, as well as research in the field of assessing the reliability and safety of electric power transmission and distribution, etc. As part of this research, we cooperate with leading research institutions.