VUJE is a leader in the Slovak market, with a good name in Europe and a good reputation globally.

Specialised metering systems for power engineering

In power engineering, we develop and supply specialised metering and monitoring systems tailored to the individual needs of our customers. These systems meet the specific application conditions, can be remotely configured or possibly fully automated with data transmission to a defined server. The solutions designed are comprehensive and include a software extension allowing system configuration, data archiving etc.

Radiation monitoring systems

We have developed the ARAMIS system – an integrated software tool for on-line monitoring and evaluation of radiation conditions in individual structures within the nuclear-power plant premises. The system also includes predictive algorithms for the extrapolation of condition development and the provision of source documents for the qualified management of staff activities in the event of accidents involving a radiation leak inside the plant units.

Hydrogen reading system

We have developed and implement systems designed to measure hydrogen concentration in the event of accidents involving the loss of coolant for VVER units. In addition to their functioning in the conditions of major accidents, the new systems allow the easy servicing and calibrating of hydrogen sensors by means of mobile equipment without the need to disassemble the measuring probes.

Staff training simulators

We have developed a multi-purpose simulator to train staff operating VVER 230-type nuclear reactors, the Computer-Based Simulation Training System (SPVS), designed to train and develop the knowledge and skills of staff operating the unit control rooms of the EBO, EMO, EDU and ETE NPPs.
We have created a simulator for distribution stations designed to train and teach the operators of electrical stations, a simulator of a 110kV distribution system and the 22kV part in order to train their operators.
In cooperation with Slovenské elektrárne, a.s., we have created simulators for routing the power out of the EBO and EMO NPPs.
We have taken part in the implementation of a DTS simulator.
We are preparing a training system for the grid operators working for Slovenský energetický dispečing SEPS, a.s.

Remotely-controlled manipulators

Our fleet of standard equipment mainly includes the manipulators for operational checks and repairs of steam generators of the VVER-440 and VVER-1000 types.

Eddy-current probes

We develop eddy-current probes of different types and designs to inspect the following components of nuclear power plants:

  • heat exchanger tubes,
  • heat exchanger tubes of emergency water-cooling systems,
  • condenser pipes,
  • threaded holes of steam generators,
  • hold-down bolts of steam generators,
  • hold-down bolts of reactors,
  • hold-down bolts of main circulating pumps,
  • bead-on-plates of reactor pressure vessels, mouthpieces of reactor pressure vessels,
  • internal surfaces of steam generator collectors.

Information systems

EPSIS® JISHM: We are developing a specific application program for a single information system of the Slovak economic mobilisation designated for the needs of economic mobilisation entities.

RAW processing equipment

We develop and apply technologies used to treat, process and store radioactive waste.
We deal with the assessment of the functioning and safety of surface and underground radioactive waste disposal sites, modelling the process of dispersion and transport of radionuclides in the area of nearby and distant interactions and in the biosphere. We prepare and implement the program for the monitoring of the area surrounding the National Radioactive Waste Repository Mochovce.

Inspection and management systems

We upgrade and develop the systems for reactor inspection and management.