Product details

Specialised measurement systems for power engineering

Telemetric Optical Monitoring Station (TOMS)
Specialised monitoring system records basic parameters of climatic conditions that bring about icing on the power lines. Besides ambient temperature, wire temperature, air humidity and dew point, it also detects tilting and rotation of the wire. The system is capable to take an actual picture of the wire, or to save it in set intervals. The system is autonomous, sending the measured data to the server enabling direct checkup. As soon as the set conditions are met, the system will send a short text message (SMS) with all measured values. The monitoring station can be put on the grounding cable or on the phase conductor.

Air humidity condensation eliminator (EKW-10)
The system is serviceable when it is necessary to prevent the equipment from condensation, or in the areas where the ambient temperature needs to be maintained within the range. Each function can be set independently. Intelligent heating switch algorithm ensures maximum electricity economy. The device states are indicated by colored LED. The device is equipped with standard serial line RS232 continuously monitoring the air temperature, humidity, and dew point; capable to optimise the configuration. The device creates own database serving for calculation of total power consumption and control efficiency.

Ferroresonance damping device (FDD)
The device is designed to damp Ferroresonances, which arise mainly at switching off the voltage transformers. The device gradually increases the value of load resistance connected to secondary winding of the voltage transformers when ferroresonance arises. The device continuously monitors secondary voltage of the transformer. If a set value is exceeded, a small smoothly controllable resistor is connected to secondary winding of the transformer. The resistance rises continuously after each period of voltage until complete disconnection. The system logic serves for satisfactory ferroresonance damping.