VUJE is a company providing comprehensive services in its specialty area.

Designing systems for nuclear power plants

We prepare comprehensive design documents for nuclear power facilities for the purposes of equipment and system licensing.

Commissioning of new nuclear power plants

We organise and implement the physical and power commissioning of new nuclear power plants. We propose procedures and operating programs for commissioning tests, we prepare reference calculations for individual tests and determine success criteria for commissioning tests.

Design and implementation of transmission and distribution system structures

We arrange the complete implementation process of large projects in the electrical transmission system. We design and build high-voltage power lines and electrical stations up to a voltage level of 400kV.

Electrical station maintenance and transformer repairs

We participate in safeguarding the high reliability of electrical stations and transformers. We provide comprehensive maintenance for them, including inspections and repairs. We perform diagnostics of large power transformers and, where necessary, we repair them.

Nuclear safety analyses

We perform the analytical assessment of nuclear safety using state-of-the-art computer software. We prepare thermo-hydraulic analyses of nuclear power plant processes and accidents, probabilistic safety assessments and neutron-physical calculations of the active zone. We contribute to improving the safety of nuclear power plant units.

Structural analyses of materials

We perform structural analyses aimed at the areas associated with material issues when operating nuclear power facilities. Our accredited laboratory has long been focusing on programs and projects aimed at:
- radiation embrittlement of reactor pressure vessel materials,
- corrosion monitoring of construction materials,
- the expert assessment of the effects of equipment failures and repairs on the properties of materials,
- the gathering of data and source documents for equipment life assessment.

Non-destructive testing

Our team of qualified professionals has long-term experience in the field of operating inspections at nuclear power plants in the Slovak and Czech Republics, as well as at Western types of power plants. The activities in this field focus on:
- the development and optimisation of NDT methodologies,
- the performance of operational checks (ultrasound, eddy currents, visual inspection, magnetic check, penetration check),
- data collection and evaluation,
- consulting activities.

Development of information systems

We implement comprehensive integrated information systems focusing on the management of power generation enterprises in the areas of operation management and monitoring, equipment maintenance, safety monitoring and evaluation, personal dosimetry, dosimetry of the internal and surrounding areas of NPPs (Nuclear Power Plants), monitoring and evaluating NPP chemical modes, planning and evaluating operational checks, managing and monitoring the procedures of NPP decommissioning and managing radioactive waste.

Development of nuclear industry equipment

In addition to developing the standard equipment for inspections and maintenance of primary circuit components, our design department also provides services in the areas of development of specific single-purpose robotic equipment to repair primary circuit components, decontamination activities and radioactive waste management. In this field, we provide:
- custom-tailored development,
- production and assembly,
- equipment testing,
- operating personnel training,
- technical assistance in the deployment process,
- servicing and repairs,
- comprehensive turn-key implementation.

Decommissioning of nuclear power equipment

We prepare and apply technological procedures, technical and planning methods and draft legislation for nuclear-power equipment decommissioning. We provide nuclear equipment data to be used for decommissioning or protected storage evaluation for such equipment.

Diagnostic and analytical activities for power engineering

We perform the following activities in the field of power engineering:
- electrical engineering calculations and analyses for VHV and EHV networks,
- measurements and calculations of electromagnetic fields,
- measurement of the total earthing impedance and measurement of step and contact voltages,
- installation of FireFly deflectors using our own remotely controlled manipulator,
- other specialised measurements, diagnostics and expert reports, using state-of-the-art measurement equipment.

Staff training

Our nuclear-power equipment staff training centre provides training for power engineering experts. We provide in-class learning and simulation-based training. On the basis of the knowledge gained and in accordance with the applicable legislation, we issue Professional Competence Certificates to the employees.
We arrange training and education for employees working at conventional power plants, power distribution systems, and also other users.
We continuously develop and improve systems for training the staff at both nuclear and conventional power plants and electrical distribution stations.

Equipment certification

Certification of selected equipment designed for nuclear power plants.