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27.05.2024 News

We Got a Prestigious Certificate From LRQA, The Global Certification Authority. VUJE, a. s., Confirmed Its Position as a Slovak Leader in Nuclear Power Engineering

Our company VUJE was the first in Slovakia to obtain the ISO 19443:2018 standard certificate. We achieved certification from the global authority LRQA. Only companies that supply products and services important for nuclear safety can apply for this certification.

We Got a Prestigious Certificate From LRQA, The Global Certification Authority. VUJE, a. s., Confirmed Its Position as a Slovak Leader in Nuclear Power Engineering

The application of the international standards represented by this certificate is an important quality indicator for all global nuclear power market players. By obtaining it, VUJE confirms its position as a leader and reliable partner for nuclear operators not only in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also throughout Europe.

"We are recognized professionals in the nuclear power industry not only because of our know-how, but also because a high level of nuclear safety culture is a matter of priority for us," Matej Korec, CEO of VUJE, a. s., evaluated the significant news.

Coordinating the certification processes was challenging due to the wide range of VUJE's activities - from analysis, calculation, and design to the manufacture of specific manipulators, training of personnel, decommissioning, and spent nuclear fuel management.

"By implementing the ISO 19443:2018 standard, we have fully used our previous knowledge of technical legislation, IAEA methodologies, as well as the experience gained in the context of extremely interesting and rigorous customer audits or new power plants deliveries, e.g. in Turkey or Finland," Peter Horváth, the leader of the successful team, added the excellence. "Our customers, such as Framatome and Slovenské elektrárne, appreciated the implementation of ISO requirements already during their audits. Strong references and such an independent confirmation can be an effective tool for global customers to choose verified and reliable suppliers. Because honestly, when it comes to the safety of nuclear power plant operation, the customer understands that the primary criterion for supply cannot be price alone".

Obtaining the prestigious certificate is also a significant milestone within NUCEAL, the NUClear Engineering Alliance, which was established as a joint venture between the French company ASSYSTEM, Spain's IDOM and our company VUJE in 2023. Moreover, in the period of the emerging nuclear renaissance, the introduction of international standards will be a great advantage for potential abroad projects cooperation. "The quality management system will also be an important indicator in the development and gradual deployment of SMRs, small modular nuclear reactors," confirmed Matej Korec, CEO and member of the Board of Directors of VUJE, a. s.

The management's decision to implement this standard with a specific focus on nuclear safety within VUJE only confirms the company's priority of 'safety first'.

A proactive approach to this topic is not only a part of our know-how, but also a part of our experts and specialists’ DNA, so we would like to thank all our colleagues for their cooperation during the implementation of the certification and customization requirements to the specific conditions of VUJE throughout the preparation, training and education.

We especially thank our colleagues from the Nuclear Safety, Research and Development Division, with whom we could analyze and consult the topic in detail.