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11.03.2022 Our people

Look behind the scene and see how a unique training manipulator came about IRIS-V (photo report)

VUJE is the author of a unique training manipulator be one of a kind in Europe. Primarily requested by the Czech energy company CEZ group, it has been deployed in the nuclear power plant training centre Temelin. We offer you the photo reports behind-the-scenes of developing this unique equipment called IRIS-V, which is an example of remarkable advance in the field of remote-controlled equipment for the nuclear power plants (NPP).

Look behind the scene and see how a unique training manipulator came about   IRIS-V (photo report)

Specially designed training manipulator IRIS-V facilitates the training of personnel. It is identical to manipulators used in the NPP operation for checking the steam generators. Thanks to this complex equipment, the space with radiation does not need to be attended by the personnel. By training and improving the skills the personnel can become experts first and prior to visiting the real workplace.

In the hands of experts 

The process of development until the first trial lasted 12 months. The team of experts was led by Pavol Jablonický, Head of the Design and Development Department in VUJE, a. s., who has been engaged in the remote-controlled manipulators for 35 years, especially in non-destructive repairs of the main components of the nuclear power plants both in Slovakia and abroad. He claims the following: "From the viewpoint of capabilities and functions of the device we are thoroughly confident that no company in Europe or worldwide has such solution on offer. We are altogether exceptional by exhaustive offer and complete delivery”.

Proud of the team

Outstanding project was supervised by Adrian Kovalyk, Member of Board of Directors and Director of Division for Diagnostics of the Nuclear Power Plants. He is truly satisfied with the colleagues striving for the science, and as well with the progressive philosophy of CEZ, a. s. that came up with the idea of training manipulator. He asserts; „Forwarding a quality training of the stuff, the CEZ group set an example worth to be followed by other nuclear power plant operators. We are proud to be a part of, as well as our portfolio of equipment scaled up.

In brief about Training Manipulator IRIS-V

  • First training manipulator and one of a kind in Europe
  • Identical to IRIS manipulators used in operation
  • Used to train personnel in “clean” area 
  • Developed by 21-member team
  • Deployed in the nuclear power plant training centre Temelin
  • Process of development and deploy lasted 12 months


Attractive photo reports on IRIS-V Development: 

First steps: Designer creates future module on graphic station in the professional 3D CAD programe. FIRS COPY DOCUMENTATION: Finishing the copies to be handed over to manufacture.  

DOCUMENTATION FINAL CHECK-UP: In the hands of Documentation Administrator Mrs. Zuzana Silberhorn, Designer Richard Zdarilka, and Project Manager Tomáš Lehuta. 

COMPONENTS MANUFACTURE: Electro Department makes components according to drawings. 

PRIOR TO ASSEMBLY: Construction Department and Development Workroom staffer Mr. Milan Tazky is checking final products. 

MOVING SCREW: Dimensional check-up prior to the support assembly is essential. 

IN WORKROOM: Worker is assembling the bevel gearbox on OPZ module support. 

SUPPORT SLIDE ASSEMBLY: In the hands of colleague Mr. Ondrej Matovič.

HEAD ASSEMBLY: Milan Ťažký is assembling the mounting head for OPZ module. 

SUCTION CHAMBER ASSEMBLY: Meant for chip collection on the drilling head of OPZ module. 

GENERAL VIEW: Exchange module X-Probe in shipping package, with special probe for testing the steam generator pipes.

DEVELOPMENT WORKROOM TEAM: Team members: (from the left) Ján Lehen, Marián Bottek,  Michal Mydlárik, Dušan Hornák, Pavol Jablonický, Ľubomír Voščinár, Milan Ťažký, Ondrej Matovič, and Peter Mydlárik. 

STOJA ZA ZRODOM IRIS-V: (from the left below) Ján Molitoris, Tomáš Lehuta and Juraj Bokora, (from the left above) Ondrej Haršányi, Zuzana Silberhorn, Pavol Jablonický, Richard Zdarilek, and  Adrian Kovalyk, Director of Division for Diagnostics of the Nuclear Power Plants.

DETAIL: Segment of the real flue sheet of PG-1000 steam generator with drilled tube and inserted blind.

BEFORE TEST: Workroom stuff are placing IRIS-V manipulator to test stand to be prepared for testing.   

READY TO BE MOUNTED: Handling the module prior to be mounted on manipulator truck. 

PIPE CHECK-UP MODULE: Detailed view of the probe push mechanism.

OPZ MODULE WITH DRYING HEAD DURING TEST: SKÚŠOK SO SUŠIACOU HLAVICOU: Drying test of the collector flue sheet surface is performed.

IN FRONT OF MANIPULATOR WITH CONTROL UNIT: Head of the Design and Development Department Pavol Jablonický with Tomáš Lehuta, and Milan Ťažký, a mechanic, and Ján Molitoris, a constructor, and Adrian Kovalyk, Director of Division for Diagnostics of the Nuclear Power Plants.

IN THE HANDS OF EXPERTS: The Project manager and the mechanic are fixing  OPZ module to IRIS-V manipulator basis.

IRIS-V IN TEST STAND WITH OPZ MODULE V SKÚŠOBNOM STENDE S NASADENÝM MODULOM OPZ: Pavol Jablonický, Head of the Design and Development Department and Adrian Kovalyk, Director of Division for Diagnostics of the Nuclear Power Plants pride themselves on one and only manipulator accomplished in VUJE workroom.  

VUJE SITE: Everything is ready for delivery to the customer.

DATA ROOM: Workplace of processing and evaluating the data from measurements by test modules, that are a decisive factor in moving the blinds of steam generator pipes.