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26.07.2022 Our people

VUJE gives young colleagues a chance on the international stage

Representatives of the Department of structural analyzes of the Division for Diagnostics of Nuclear Power Plants, VUJE, a.s., Head of the department Ing. Jana Petzová, PhD., Ing. Marek Adamech, PhD. and Ing. Dávid Slnek, participated in the international conference PVP Pressure Vessels & Piping 2022, which was held in Las Vegas, USA after a two-year forced break.

VUJE gives young colleagues a chance on the international stage

The conference, organized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), brought together participants from 32 countries around the world, who presented altogether in 130 technical sections more than 560 contributions in the field of pressure vessels and pipelines.

Ing. Dávid Slnek, the newest addition to our Department of structural analyzes (0360) and at the same time a PhD student at MTF STU in Trnava, delivered a speech on the topic of determining the mechanical properties of the material of the steam generator body using the Small Punch Test method.

The material for this study comes from the material archive of the decommissioning V1 NPP and demonstrates the potential of its further use in the light of the upcoming projects.

The second contribution presented by VUJE was written in collaboration with international partners of the STRUMAT-LTO project and summarized the results of interlaboratory comparative SPT tests of the 15CH2NMFA reference material.

The aim was to compare and harmonize the test method in laboratory practice with the recently published SPT standards EN 10371 and ASTM E3205-20.

The gathering of experts from all over the world in the USA was a unique opportunity to present the activities of our company VUJE, a. s., to obtain valuable information in the field and establish personal contacts for further cooperation.

Representatives of the Department of structural analyzes, from the left Marek Adamech, Jana Petzová, Dávid Slnek.

Co-authors of the project STRUMAT-LTO contribution, from the left Marek Adamech (VUJE), Jana Petzová (VUJE), Romy Welschen (NRG, The Netherlands), Radim Kopřiva (UJV Řež, Czechia).

David Slnek while delivering his speech on Application of small punch testing methods for thermal ageing assessment at steam-generators materials from decommissioned V1 NPP to LTO support on VVER type units in Slovakia.